Monday, May 22, 2006

Coming Soon - The "Vance"

Coming Soon from 5 Husbands Design © The “Vance” Bracelet

Designed for easy breezy times, wearing the Vance may lead to love, marriage , a college degree and your first credit card; some wearers report increased interest in motorcycles, OSU football, Fort Lauderdale (but only in the spring) and the overwhelming urge to call mom and dad for money. You should not wear your Vance scuba diving (I never got to go), swimming (I just learned last year) or cleaning (duh!).

The Vance bracelet is hand made with artisan lamp work beads, czech glass and sterling silver accents. To preserve your bracelet’s beauty clean only with gentle detergent and dry with a soft cloth. Always store flat.

The "Vance" available June 17, 2006 Special Anniversay Pricing - $45.00

To order email with primary color preference.


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