Thursday, August 09, 2007

Birthday Horoscope 2007

Courtesy of Rob Brezsny's Astrology Newsletter

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): I predict you will dream about at least three of
the following things in the coming week: a flying carpet, a genie's lamp,
the food of the gods, a wizard's wand, healing ointment, a silver chalice,
and enchanted mud. "So what?" you might be saying. "What do dreams,
no matter how fun they might be, have to do with my pursuit of
happiness in the cold, cruel world of my waking life?" And I say unto you,
Leo, that these dreams will mysteriously transform your psyche in such a
way that you'll be able to accomplish magic that may have seemed
impossible before.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Creativity nourishes the soul that has to do the laundry and drive car pool. Five Husbands celebrates mothers who juggle children, jobs, laundry, shopping and still find time to draw, laugh and listen to their hearts.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Coming Soon - The "Vance"

Coming Soon from 5 Husbands Design © The “Vance” Bracelet

Designed for easy breezy times, wearing the Vance may lead to love, marriage , a college degree and your first credit card; some wearers report increased interest in motorcycles, OSU football, Fort Lauderdale (but only in the spring) and the overwhelming urge to call mom and dad for money. You should not wear your Vance scuba diving (I never got to go), swimming (I just learned last year) or cleaning (duh!).

The Vance bracelet is hand made with artisan lamp work beads, czech glass and sterling silver accents. To preserve your bracelet’s beauty clean only with gentle detergent and dry with a soft cloth. Always store flat.

The "Vance" available June 17, 2006 Special Anniversay Pricing - $45.00

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pamela and Warren and Art

Until the November day that Pamela walked into my life I thought Art was something you bought at the department store to hang above the sofa, like the blue toned gilt framed landscape my mom bought at Strouss Department Store. I wasn't totally in the dark, I knew there was "great art" created by someone else, usually a long time ago. I even had a vague idea about contemporary art, but again, art was stuff created by someone else, and certainly not by anyone I knew.

But that was before Pam and her pastel and foil drawings and her stories and, most importantly, before she informed me that artists, like her, saw the world differently (magically) , than non-artists (like me). My wounded ego and already stunted creative spark had to agree, however reluctantly, that she was right.

Only, she wasn't.

But I didn't know this until much later when Warren opened the doors and windows (literally) with stories and light (figuratively) and returned me out to nature with an open and loving heart. I learned that seeing through artist eyes, is a learned, or rather, an unlearned skill. It is all about turning off what you think you see and focusing (softly) on what you really see before you in all its impossible and imperfect glory. When you do this, when you are truly present, shadow and light and color break apart to meet in patterns so beautiful that you have to take up an instrument to share your impression of this transitory meeting.

Our souls need art in all its forms to give voice, no matter how small, to the divine. Our souls ask that we use all our senses to experience the world; to translate the composite picture our brains tell us that we see, in to the the essence of what is really before us. The natural world with its ever changing light, color and movement is the perfect studio. No artificial borders, the feet on the earth, the body fluid, the eyes move, perspective changes, the body moves, the hand finds its rhythm and the image flows onto paper.